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Wuv. Twu Wuv.

So, tomorrow is the ever dreaded Valentine's Day. Ugh. I am wearing all black today at work just to protest it. That's the kind of girl I am. I have a black heart. What can I say? I am certain that I choose my closest friends for their black little hearts too. We are fine being mean and crude. Every once in a while I can still hear a faint thumping in my chest. So I know it's still beating in there...But that brings me back to celebrating Vday. (I think I threw up a little just then). You know when Vday was fun? When I was in Elementary school and we handed out cards to one another. Why don't I like Vday now? No particular reason, really. I just dont. No, I was never broken up with on this day or had any other horribly scarring thing happen to me. It's just, what's the point? Celebrating your "love" once a year? Really? That's all you get? C'mon. Isnt it perfectly acceptable to do sweet, thoughtful things the other 364 days of the year? I really think that it means more on any other off day than it would on Vday...just because that's the day everyone feels obligated to do these things. Roses for Vday? Puh-lease! Don't go there. Put some more brain power into it, people. Dont get me wrong. Roses are beautiful and smell wonderful. But, doesnt anyone else have another favorite flower? Can't a girl get some tulips? I know I may sound bitter, but I promise, I just like not liking things. Ha! There, I said it! Oh! Did you hear that? I think my little black heart just thumped again!
So, what traits do you look for in a friend? What kind of Vday bashing or celebrating will you be doing?
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Forever and Always, And a Few Other Things I Think Are Wonderful

Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it. Do you ever get that way?
I got some rest this weekend, which is always wonderful! I got to cuddle with my super wonderful kitty, Ivaan the Terrible. He is so awesome, don't let the name fool you. I got my new car stereo installed. Yay, volume control! It's also a wonderful thing! I haven't been listening much to music in the car since with out the volume control, it seemed pretty pointless. It was always either too loud or too quiet, depending on the song. This morning I rocked out some Bullet for My Valentine, Forever and Always. It just had me giggling because it is so epic and silly sounding. And I kind of have a crush on the singer. Anyway...
Do you all have favorite or silly songs that just get you into a great mood - or any mood for that matter? Do you have anything wonderful that makes you smile? I can't wait to hear about it!
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I'm Late! I'm Late! For a Very Important Date!

I've decided today not to put off blogging any longer. For ages I've been checking all sorts of other people's blogs. Today is the day. I am breaking out of my little shell!
I know, I know...everyone is breathless on the edges of their seats. It's really not that exciting at all. *sigh*
I will start by saying that I am a pessimist and a complainer. You'll be seeing a lot of that. Just a warning.
I've been working on my first novel (YA) for almost a year now. Still not done. One day. I've come to a lot of decisions today. The 2nd is that I have finally told myself that it's ok. It is OK that I am not done yet. The world will not end and I will continue on unharmed - even if it takes more than a year to complete. And I'm ok with that. *deep breath*
I write everything longhand and then transfer it into my computer (which blows btw, another topic to be discussed later). I have learned to carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. In case I am suddenly inspired. Which happens a lot when I am trying to drive. I think it has to be that that is pretty much the only time in any given day where I can have absolute and utter silence. (I think I hear angels singing). I love silence. Treasure it. Dont get enough of it. Sleeping doesnt count. Though I do love me some sleepin'.
I've been scribbling down ideas since April last year for this fabulous book that I am creating. At least I think it's fabulous. I have a bff who reads certain parts and she seems to love it so far, always wanting more. The sad part is that I have SO much written - but not near enough completed. I have an outline. I have a few chapters that I have rough drafts for. Pathetic, I know. But I am learning that it is ok to take my time. It needs to be right and it needs to be good. But it seems I cant finish one idea before I am hit with 3 others. So, I am writing every single thing down that I think of. If I cant apply it eventually into this book, then it goes in a save pile for future books. I am getting all of my ideas organized and am beginning to compile everything into "sections". From these "sections" I am going to start back up on actually completing some chapters. FINALLY! Yay!
I also have a bit of an editing problem. I keep reading and re-reading so many of my little blurbs and have begun adding to and re-writing tons of them. The horizon is in sight. It's just taking a little longer to reach the place I was aiming for...
So even though I feel like I have a "deadline" approaching and that I'm not going to be ready for it - oh well, I'm ok with that. I WILL just may not be before April that I will have my rough draft completed.
Now, about that nap...
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